Danville Center is Alive With the Sound of Music

Everyone loves music, and the elders at Danville Centre are no exception.

Music can be heard during morning exercise, church services, and even at the dining room table when an elder will spontaneously burst into a song, inviting everyone to join in the fun.

Recently, the love of music was brought to life with a concert just for the elders at Danville Centre. Young aspiring singer, Mary Kutter, stopped by on her Tour of Love trip to share her love of music with our elders.

Through the use of her beautiful voice, Mary sparked joy in the hearts of our center. The elders began to clap, tap their toes, and sway with the music as they became overcome with happiness. There was even a few tears of joy seen on their smiling faces.

Elders reminisced about days gone by as they listened to songs of their youth, which includes country, bluegrass, and gospel songs sung by the young lady.

Music is definitely alive and well at Danville Centre for Health and Rehabilitation, and it continues to instill joy and happiness in the elders’ lives.